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Common questions about GOLOSA:

1.     Does GOLOSA have a psychoactive effect?

No, GOLOSA contains only traces of THC which are far too little to develop a psychoactive effect. GOLOSA contains less than 0,005mg/kg THC, which is 40times less THC/kg than the allowed limiting value of 0,2 mg/kg according to the regulations for groceries in Switzerland. 

2.     Is the mere consumption of GOLOSA enough to be tested positive for THC in a drug test?

No, clarification has shown that the concentration of THC in GOLOSA is far too small to show up in a drug test.

3.      Are children allowed to enjoy GOLOSA?

Yes, GOLOSA is absolutely harmless, also for children. By adding only a small amount of fructose and very little carbon dioxide GOLOSA is very wholesome.

4.      Can I drive after drinking GOLOSA?

Yes, as mentioned above the marginal amount of THC in GOLOSA does in no way influence your capability to drive.

5.      What is GOLOSA sweetened with?

Only with fructose, without artificial sweeteners.

6.      Which flavors' give GOLOSA its taste?

The unique taste of GOLOSA is achieved by using the natural Swiss hemp essence together with nature-identical flavors of fruit and bergamot.

7.      Does GOLOSA contain carbon dioxide?

Yes, though there is only little carbon dioxide in GOLOSA.

8.     What is the Sunshine-effect?

Try GOLOSA yourself and find out!

9.     Where is the water in GOLOSA coming from?

Solely the fine mineral water from the river San Clemente, in Sigirino (Ticino: Italian part of Switzerland) is used for GOLOSA.

10.  Which type of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is used for GOLOSA?

For GOLOSA recycled PET is used. The amount of remanufactured PET is about 30%.

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